We take a proactive approach in market research.

We devote our time to research on the latest fitness trends, solutions, and technology in practice. At Fit24 Fitness and Yoga center Hanoi, we strongly believe that in this rapidly-changing and fast-moving knowledge era, standing-still will invite disaster.
We conduct both secondary and field research on a regular basis.  Our research hub & innovation center is our competitive advantage to be one step ahead of competitors. We are confident that our knowledge and updates will help consult our investors about their overall advantages and limitations in terms of geographical location, population, infrastructure, and level of local competition. Basing on the primary requirements for the Fitness service sector, we develop proper survey method and process, ensuring that the parameters and data collected can be optimally and effectively used during the investment plan phase.


We work closely with our investors to develop robust, effective initial investment plan.


We offer strategic consulting services including architectural design &construction, & material and equipment (type, amount, supplier, allocation) advisory.

Applicable for projects conducted out of the Northern region of Vietnam.


We act on behalf of our investors and develop the Fitness Center from the initial planning phase to final operations.

Management contract is our preferred choice, proposing mutual benefits. We handle all issues and provide strategic planning, helping our investors avoid any hassle and increase their returns on investment.  

Our scope of work includes but is not limited to, conducting regional surveys, designing and constructing supervising plan during each phase, and operating business at an optimal level on behalf of our investors. 

During operations, we directly establish working system, procedure and solutions; continuously train and ensure professionalism among staff.

At Fit24 Fitness and Yoga Center, we are confident to meet the financial objectives of our investors. Financial reports will be conducted particularly and handed to our investors on a regularly basis, ensuring the transparency. 


We evaluate market segment and select the potential locations that align with our company expansion strategies

Lease: We conduct negotiation of rental fee and related articles with our partner. We will be the sole, exclusive operator of the business at the selected location.

Revenue Share: A part of our revenue on running the business will be shared to the investor under the ratio agreed by the two parties.


Business Development and Investment Department


No 2, Chuong Duong Do, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: 090 468 0189


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