Group X



The original LES MILLS barbell exercise class which is popular in more than 14.000 clubs worldwide.


A fiercely energetic cardio program executive on DRASTIC MUSIC ground


A cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of multicultural MUSIC & DANCE


A joyful and exciting DANCING PARTY where you can liberate yourself in 45 minutes.


GX contains many group exercises such as Step, Kickfit, Zumba, etc. These challenging exercises help enhance strength and stamina, stimulate muscle and burnout 600-800 calories, relieve stress riduring training phase.  Group X classes also feature the most updated, and upbeat music tracks.


  • Light up your passion and achieve better result
  • Experience amazing and impressive Lesmillslicensed classes
  • Enjoy relaxed and fresh atmosphere of standardized Yoga classes under the guidance of professional Yoga Master
  • Train with high qualified equipments from Sport Arts manufacturer.
  • Be consulted and trained by experienced and professional coaches.

Fit24 is bound to provide a a professional & innovative, youthful & friendly fitness environment.

Sexy Dance

An program mainly uses the flexibility and elasticity of human body. The movements (rotating hips, shaking buttocks or sexy poses) will surprise your body, increase the level of confidence for the dancers.

Step n Body

A great combination of Cardio workout and body toning exercises using stepping boards and dumb bells during the class. You will start the Cardio lesson with stepping boards to reduce fat and continue with body parts training using dumb bells. You’re too busy but still want to spend sometimes working out? You want to train your whole body but don’t want to be overload? Step n Body is your perfect choice.

Belly Dance

The main feature of this graceful sport is the synergyt of the abdominal muscles, hips, arms, shoulders…followed by rhythms, circular motion, soft and flexible 8 shape movement. What you gain is not only a body with curves but also a better health against risk such as spinal degeneration.


Cycling is an indoor biking class combined with vibrant music that improves the cardiovascular system, giving you more flexibility and extreme weight loss. In 50 'to 1 hour of cycling, you will be able to remove excess fat for the lower body, especially the thighs and calves. You will have an incredible endurance and a neat body with 2-3 cycling classes per week.

Power Core

Just 30 minutes is what you need to spend in order to challenge your own core section – the most momentous part keeping the core energy of your body. No space for hesitation, join now and experience the difference.

Bums n Tums

An intensive class which massively focus on the thigh muscle. The 45 minutes to 1hour class deeply impact on large muscle groups, eliminates fat and gives you healthy and slim legs, toned buttocks.

Abs n Legs

Abs & Legs is pure muscle training, focusing on the abdomen and thighs of the exerciser. Training with carpet, stepping boards, dumb bells and exercises focus on fat burning and toned buttocks, you will achieve a thigh a slim and a beautifully flat belly.


A mixture of dance genres (70% of them are Latino dances such as Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Cumbia…)will introduce you to lots of flexible hot and sexy moves with snappy hip shaking, arms and legs combining. Zumba is suitable for all ages and motivates rapid reaction and burns energy for an hour. 01-hour Zumba class for everyone at all age to join to improve reaction, burn energy and build a lively body.hồ.


A jaunty dancing party’s waiting for you at Sh’bam class. No pressure, no experience required, what you need is to come to the class and our instructors will guide you through 12 different tracks under 12 impressive dancing style like hiphop, salsa, funk, disco…Your smile is the definite energy source for this extremely joyful class


A harmony of multicultural music and dances, moreover; all prevailing tracks that you adore will always be part of your Jam class. New dancing styles will also be updated time to time. BodyJam is considered a miniature dancing school for those who have passion and love toward music and exercising. Practicing but with the emotion of joining a dancing festival, burning fat with no pressure but fun and joy. How about that?


Inspired and combined by many martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kick boxing, Muay…BodyCombat is a high-intensity cardio program which run on vibrant and intense music base. Sharp and strong moves which quickly burn your excess fat, relieve your stress are the typical feature of this class. By finishing a BodyCombat class, you can confidently get out of the studio, cheery as the real champion


The original LES MILLS barbell exercise class which is popular in more than 14.000 clubs worldwide. The main equipment of BodyPump is barbell which you can adjust the weight to fit your ability within one set. This 1-hour comprehensive training class bring you a toned body and consume lots of calories. Training technique to make the class safe and fun will be carefully instructed by our coaches. You will definitely fancy this class and want to comeback all the time.


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