Yoga Therapy

This program support illness prevention and treatment.

Elderly Yoga

Yoga for the elderly with the purpose of supporting the flexibility of body parts. Stimulate the elderly to live an optimistic and healthy life.

Power Yoga

A bodybuilding focused Yoga program, improving your lifestyle both mentally and physically.

Backbend Yoga

This program is supportive for your pranayama by movements that expanding your chest and lung. Mainly conduct the backward movements, warm up and stretch the facet joints, Backbend Yoga help you to dispel painful wounds caused by compression during your daily work, open up your chest to increase breathing ability.

Yoga Flow

A series of harmonized postures which flow your breath with the melodious music base.


Mediation Yoga helps relieve your stress, pressure and tiredness. Join this class to relax the whole body as well as improve the comfort of your spirit


Yoga combine with gymnastics helps harmonize your breath and movements

Yoga For Office People

People working too long in front of the computer can eliminate unhealthy symptoms as stress, degenerative vertebrae, obesity with this special kind of Yoga. At the same time, your look will be fresher and more energetic.

Yoga For Stretching

Designed for people who have gone through basic classes of Yoga, this program helps improve the flexibility of muscles as well as tendons.

Yoga For Core

Improve your awareness toward the importance of body’s skeletal muscle

Yoga For Slimbody

Twisting and Squeezing is two main moves of this program, supporting you on losing weight and slim your body.

Shiva Series

Inspired by Lord Shiva, this series of Yoga assist member on building strong will and belief inside out.

Morning Series

A Yoga class providing you energy and power to start an active day. Excitement and reduction of weariness are what you will gain after Morning Yoga Series

Moon Salutation

A sequence of 8 interleaved Yoga postures which are more advanced than Sun Salutation.

Sun Salutation

A Yoga practice booting the balance of your chakras.

Asana & Pranayama

Combining posture and breathing exercises, Asana & Pranayama brings energy and excitement to the whole body at the beginning of the day.

Dynamic Hatha

A perfect mixture of static and dynamic postures bringing exercisers the balance from inside out.

Hatha Balancing

The traditional Yoga program includes all balancing exercises requiring high concentration of practitioners to maintain the posture

Hatha Yoga

Flexible movements, rhythmic breathing are two basic elements of Hatha Yoga, by combining these two, learners will receive the tranquility in their mind and balance in their spirit.

Gentle Yoga

A basic Yoga program which contains many simple moves with deep affection on muscle and bones system. Suitable with both junior and senior Yoga learners, Gentle Yoga is a good choice for those who want to protect muscles and bones system.


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