Don't judge a book by its cover. Everyone has abs, due to high body fat %, it's NOT SHOWING.

Here is the TRUTH:

The key to getting 11 and 6 pack abs is to burn off the "stubborn" belly fat that covers your abs with cardio and resistance training (deadlift, bodyweight, etc.). .)

One thing to keep in mind: Research has found that doing ab exercises, sitting up, and other abs targeting exercises will NOT help you get flat abs.

All crunches, sit-ups, side bends (and other common ab exercises) force you to bend and bend your body in unnatural ways. This may be surprising, but your abs are NOT designed to bend, twist or bend. In fact, it's the exact opposite! The true role of your abs is to prevent your middle part from flexing, twisting and bending. Yes, your abs are a stable force designed to resist movement to protect your spine.

So, even though you feel “EXTREMELY PAIN” when you do a bend and sit up, you actually put unnecessary pressure on your back, doing more harm than good. These abs exercises can cause lower back injuries by forcing your spine to bend too much, and they do very little to really help you get a flat, toned abdomen.

That’s why let’s join our Fit24 EXERCISE programs along with a well-balanced DIET and getting SHREDDED! 

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Fit24 - Fit for life:

✔ # 100% high-tech equipment imported from Europe
✔ #Studios is luxurious, exclusive for group practice classes: #YOGA, #GROUPX ... with more than 60 practice classes per week.
✔ Training programs are under the international copyright of #LesMills: #BodyCombat, #BodyPump ...
✔ Separate locker with towels and practice towels, with modern and comfortable bathroom and changing area.
✔ Measure your #Inbody, check your body stats for free.
💥 Special #SPECIAL_PT (Personal Trainer) - a team of personal trainers with professional qualifications, certificates, and sports. Always be there to guide you in every exercise.

Contact the Hotline or go to the nearest facility to receive more information about the program from the counselors.



Everyone knows that in oder to lose weight and keep fit, going to the gym is probably one of the best ways

But... how to make a schedule and how to keep practicing are not the things that everyone knows. Do you want to know specifically what you need to do without spending too much time on researching?

❯❯ Let our Personal Training help you ❮❮

▻ BUILDING a sensible diet and a logical, scientific workout schedule that fits your body

INSTRUCTIONS for proper training, avoiding the risk of injury.

▻ Always READY to support, give advise and answer any questions you may have.

▻ Create MOTIVATION, inspire you.


Let the personal coaching team at Fit24 be the foundation to help you stay enduring healthy.

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Temporarily putting aside the dense study schedule, moving away from smartphones, ipap, TV,... Summer is literally the time when kids are resting, playing and "charging" after a hard-study school year.

Parents should participate for kids in extracurricular activities, physical activities. Not only will your child be able to exercise healthily, but it will also help develop comprehensive intelligence and confidence in themself.

FUN - EXCITED - STRONG are words to describe FIT KIDS classes at Fit24. With a variety of sports such as Boxing Kids, Zumba Kids, Yoga Kids, Dance Fitness, Dance Sport, Gym Ball, Kids Fit, Belly Kids, ... tailored tailored, safe for children with guidance. the enthusiasm of the teachers, the children will have memorable moments to learn and to play.

Classes for children ages 7-15, starting from July 15

A meaning summer means when your kids is relaxing, relaxing and experiencing life colors through various activities.

For more information and registration for your kids, please call Hotline 090.349.0998 or DM Fit24!



Nauli Kriya or Nauli breathing is an ancient Yoga movement with the main purpose of detoxing the body, massaging the internal organs. This is a movement mainly focused on the abdomen and brings many effects, not only help the abdominal muscles toned, slim from the outside but also strong from the inside.

This special yoga class will be available at all Fit24 clubs from July 6, 2020.


🔸 Firming abdominal muscles
🔸 Massage and detoxify internal organs in the abdomen
🔸 Support for digestive activity.
🔸 Stabilize blood pressure, prevent diabetes
🔸 Your abs are not only toned, slim from the outside but also strong from the inside.

Breathing Nauli is a difficult, easy-to-do wrong move, so go to Fit24 for coaches to train with the best techniques.

Contact the Hotline or go to the nearest facility to receive more information about the class from our counselors.

Have You wondered why dancers often have toned body, sexy, and usually positive? Why do millions of gyms in the world always have ZUMBA dance classes for those who want to lose weight? These are the benefits of Zumba that have been proven safe and effective.

Help you lose weight, stay in shape.

Thanks to the quick, powerful jumps to increase the fat burning process up to 300-500 calories/hour to help you quickly own attractive curves and slim legs.

Zumba is not just about exercising, but it can also help you shape your posture in your daily activities. In addition, it also helps you to be more confident about your physique.

Suitable for all ages

Zumba is very flexible and easy to follow. Children, women, men, the elderly, you can be anyone who can study this subject. Music and body language regardless of age and gender.

If you have never tried this, then come to Zumba Party - (Free to join) at Fit24 Thai Thinh at 6 pm Friday (July 3) to experience and feel the effects of this class. Please!!!

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