Workshop: Meditation & Breath - Yoga With a Community Matters

Meditation & breath is a great way to listen to your body, to understand your soul's world. Relaxation, calm mind, no hustle, and bustle.

Take some time on Friday (June 19) to participate in the workshop "Meditation & Breath - Yoga with a community matter" with Fit24 to understand more about the great benefits of breathing meditation!


TIME: 17h Friday, June 19
LOCATION: Van Hoa Event and Party Center - 98 Thai Thinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

SPECIAL, when attending the workshop you will receive:

     ✔︎ Advice body index for free.
     ✔︎ Attend a tea break party.
     ✔︎ Lucky draw.

Fostering the soul, health is never late if you are aware of the importance and decide to INVEST.
 Do not hesitate to contact Fit24 for more details to receive an invitation ticket!


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