Temporarily putting aside the dense study schedule, moving away from smartphones, ipap, TV,... Summer is literally the time when kids are resting, playing and "charging" after a hard-study school year.

Parents should participate for kids in extracurricular activities, physical activities. Not only will your child be able to exercise healthily, but it will also help develop comprehensive intelligence and confidence in themself.

FUN - EXCITED - STRONG are words to describe FIT KIDS classes at Fit24. With a variety of sports such as Boxing Kids, Zumba Kids, Yoga Kids, Dance Fitness, Dance Sport, Gym Ball, Kids Fit, Belly Kids, ... tailored tailored, safe for children with guidance. the enthusiasm of the teachers, the children will have memorable moments to learn and to play.

Classes for children ages 7-15, starting from July 15

A meaning summer means when your kids is relaxing, relaxing and experiencing life colors through various activities.

For more information and registration for your kids, please call Hotline 090.349.0998 or DM Fit24!


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