Immediately receive a medical examination package that includes testing at Medelab Clinic Vietnam for new members 🤩

💥 During the COVID-19 pandemic, awareness of health promotion is more focused than ever. Exercise and physical training is the most effective "vaccine" for prevention.
 Register to become a Fit24 Member today to receive a health check-up package that includes testing at Medelab.
 The offer is applicable to customers who register 12 or more months, Renew members or individual Personal Trainer packages.

💪 Fit24 - A safe training environment for you 💪
✔ Implement club disinfection spray once a week.
✔ Clean exercise machines, training equipment with a disinfectant solution after each use.
✔ Measure body temperature, require disinfecting handwashing for staff, members, visitors before entering the club.

🏋️‍♂️ With an international standard gym:
✔ # 100% high-tech equipment imported from Europe
✔ #Studios is luxurious, exclusive for group practice classes: #YOGA, #GROUPX ... with more than 60 practice classes per week.
✔ Training programs are under the international copyright of #LesMills: #BodyCombat, #BodyPump ...
✔ Separate locker with towels and practice towels, with modern and comfortable bathroom and changing area.
✔ Measure your #Inbody, check your body stats for free.
💥 Special #SPECIAL_PT (Personal Trainer) - a team of personal trainers with professional qualifications, certificates, and sports. Always be there to guide you in every exercise.


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