🎁 GIVEAWAY FREE 6-MONTH MEMBERSHIP CARDS TO USE THE ENTIRE SERVICE AT FIT24 HANOI to all doctors, nurses, medical workers who have been fighting against COVID-19.


👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ Fit24 would like to express our deep appreciation to all soldiers who must stay 24/7 in the hospital to protect people from the pandemic.

Fit24 hopes that these little gifts will give the doctors more motivation to fulfill the assigned tasks and protect the health of citizens.


🤗 The promotion applies to all doctors, nurses, and medical workers in hospitals and clinics in Hanoi.

Thank you for keeping us all safe!


☎️ Program details please contact: 093.234.2424

Immediately receive a medical examination package that includes testing at Medelab Clinic Vietnam for new members 🤩

💥 During the COVID-19 pandemic, awareness of health promotion is more focused than ever. Exercise and physical training is the most effective "vaccine" for prevention.
 Register to become a Fit24 Member today to receive a health check-up package that includes testing at Medelab.
 The offer is applicable to customers who register 12 or more months, Renew members or individual Personal Trainer packages.

💪 Fit24 - A safe training environment for you 💪
✔ Implement club disinfection spray once a week.
✔ Clean exercise machines, training equipment with a disinfectant solution after each use.
✔ Measure body temperature, require disinfecting handwashing for staff, members, visitors before entering the club.

🏋️‍♂️ With an international standard gym:
✔ # 100% high-tech equipment imported from Europe
✔ #Studios is luxurious, exclusive for group practice classes: #YOGA, #GROUPX ... with more than 60 practice classes per week.
✔ Training programs are under the international copyright of #LesMills: #BodyCombat, #BodyPump ...
✔ Separate locker with towels and practice towels, with modern and comfortable bathroom and changing area.
✔ Measure your #Inbody, check your body stats for free.
💥 Special #SPECIAL_PT (Personal Trainer) - a team of personal trainers with professional qualifications, certificates, and sports. Always be there to guide you in every exercise.

During the SARS-COV-2 epidemic season, the number of infections in Vietnam continued to increase, everyone was reminded, always carrying handwashing liquid and wearing a mask. But we forget the very important things that we need to carry around and feed regularly. That is WATER.


Water plays an important role in sustaining life and ensuring the development of the body. Water removes toxic waste in cells, provides oxygen, essential minerals, smooths the joints, etc.

Water also acts as a cleansing agent for healthy lungs, helping purify the lungs to work healthy.

Fit-24ers remember: Not only during the season, so should practice the habit of carrying a bottle of water when going out, when working or going to school like that not only when you are thirsty but also when you think well. Rest you will also drink more water.

Working with computers all day, office people are the subjects who often sit in one place. The habit of sitting most of the day, whether at home or in the office, is responsible for a wide range of health problems such as diabetes, heart attack, obesity, and possibly cancer.

Here are the extremely simple, convenient movements on the chair, Fit24 recommends that you do it regularly 2-3 times during working time to ensure you will not have back pain, big belly and reduce fatigue much more than that!

And note the following:

- Get up often moving around your desk and office.

- Stand by talking on the phone.

- Rest in place when you feel too tired.

- Limit the use of elevators.

- Drink more water.

Wishing you always healthy!

For more information on sharing health experiences, please visit HEALTH - FITNESS - LIFESTYLE.



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